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Heather Morris’ little clone?

Is it just me or does Paige Hyland from that show Dance Moms look a lot like Heather Morris :D?






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11 Questions

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Questions by Impulsiveimpact

My Questions:

1) What country do you want to travel to within the next five years?

I would love to see Indonesia or South Africa =)

2) Do you have a role model?

I guess you could say that my grandmother is my biggest role model. She lost her husband when her youngest child was 1, so she had to care for her 4 children all by herself. She is a really generous, open minded and happy person and always there for me!

3) Worst character treat of your best friend?

Um I guess that she doesn’t quite believe in herself like she should and always thinks she is not worth it.

4) Favourite game so far?

when I was a kid I loved to play “Simon says” and “Mensch auf Erden” ( a game where all the children are on a jungle gym and one has to catch the other kids without seeing anything. You are also not allowed to step on the ground.)

5) Favourite piece of clothing/ combination?

Love my aviator sunglasses, sneaker and black leather jacket:D

6) Name on goal you want to reach till summer.

Graduating from school with mostly A’s and B’s :D

7) If you could switch your life with one person for one day who would it be?

That’s a tough one. There are two actually. One just anyone living under really bad living conditions to just appreciate what I have here and don’t really treasure.. 

Or switch with Beyonce, no explanation needed

8) Thoughts on chocolate?

Love it but sadly I’m not able to eat it because of allergies…

9) Favourite quote or saying?

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain’, is by Vivian Greene

10) If your weekend was a dish what would it be and why?

Guacamole with bread and pasta because let’s be serious.. it can’t get any better than that! ;)

11) How do you cheer your friend up when he/she is sad?

Sometimes I just start singing really off key and something really ridicolous. Or cook for them =)


Now my questions:

1. What was your favourite Tv show as a kid?

2. Guilty pleasure?

3. Favourite teacher in school and why?

4. If you had to decide between having 10 million $ or 10 years of food supply for starving kids what would you choose? (be honest)

5. what kind of super powers would you like to have?

6. Last time you cried and why?

7. Favourite song from a Movie?

8. Your thoughts about Jennifer Lawrence.

9. What is/ are your talent/s?

10. Best thing that happend to you so far?

11. Complete this sentence “In ten years I see myself …”

Have fun =)

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Impressionist sings ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ as 19 different divas


You need to stop everything you’re doing and watch this.

0:50 - Adele
1:36 - Cher
1:44 - Judy Garland
1:51 - Patti LuPone
1:58 - Kristin Chenoweth
2:07 - Edith Piaf
2:24 - Bette Midler
2:37 - Julie Andrews
2:51 - Liza Minelli
3:01 - Bernadette Peters
3:10 - Adele
3:18 - Gwen Stefani
3:27 - Zooey Deschanel
3:45 - Britney Spears
3:51 - Shakira
3:58 - Alanis Morissette
4:04 - Norah Jones
4:13 - Christina Aguilera
4:22 - Celine Dion
5:12 - Barbra Streisand
5:41 - Celine Dion
5:48 - Kristin Chenoweth
5:53 - Julie Andrews
6:00 - Adele

I thought I died on Bette Midler, but then there was Celine Dion.



Her Celine and Barbra are PERFECT.

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Surprise! We love finding art in unexpected places - especially pieces that we hope to recreate.


Surprise! We love finding art in unexpected places - especially pieces that we hope to recreate.

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